Market analysis and target definition


Identify unused potential through cross-selling, communicate it and turn it into actual sales. Expanding business relationships with existing customers is much easier than the acquisition of new customers. However, expanding the range of services and products beyond the actual target product for a potential customer can generate increased sales. Although these potentials are usually quite obvious, they often get lost in day-to-day business or are only communicated to a limited extent. We help our customers to recognize this sales potential and to communicate it in a targeted manner.

Definition of marketing goals

Our philosophy when defining marketing goals with the customer is: Each and every marketing goal is precisely stated. Even if it is difficult in the B2B sector, we try to make the goals quantifiable. Each goal should be achievable, as well as challenging and yet feasible to accomplish with the resources available to all those involved. Each goal is tied to a deadline. This is how we help our clients to define realistic marketing goals and to implement them together.

Product and customer analysis

Knowing how the market and its participants function and act is important for developing successful and targeted marketing and sales strategies.
Especially when companies enter new market segments or regional markets, this knowledge is all the more important to mitigate any risk to the investments. Therefore, we help our customers to collect the right market data, interpret them and convert them into ideas and implementations.

Definition of sales strategies

Without a sales strategy, even the best marketing is not worth much. The sales department should benefit from the marketing measures. This also includes the right sales strategies, which must of course be aligned with the marketing goals. Here we not only support our customers in finding the right strategies, but also help them to find the right personnel or suitable structures.