Tresky GmbH is one of the world's leading machine manufacturers for placement systems in the high-precision sector with 40 years of experience in the semiconductor market. At its headquarters in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, Tresky GmbH develops and produces high-precision DIE bonders with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Within the framework of the cooperation, the objectives were to establish a functioning marketing that would enable continuous communication to the target market.

Marketing support

The first step was to lay the foundation for a good customer approach. This consisted of setting up a new website and transporting the products, functionalities and added value to the market via stringent communication. Press releases and increasingly social media posts and campaigns were used for this purpose. Booked advertising measures were provided with the necessary elaborations so that the budget spent was used in a target group-oriented manner.

Market launch

The pre-sintering processes developed by Tresky and the Sinter Bonder were presented with an extensive market launch. This consisted of a trailer, a landing page, press relations and social media measures.


The corporate design was gradually adapted and modernized. In the course of this, the logo and graphic elements that have a high recognition value were integrated into the external presentation. Furthermore, B2C elements, such as a video in the style of a cinema trailer, were used to achieve the highest possible curiosity among the target group.