Butter and Salt builds job portal for Ukrainian refugees

Many industrial companies are looking for programmers, designers, developers and other technically trained employees. On the other hand, many well-trained refugees from Ukraine come to Germany and are allowed to enter the job market here directly. Through the new job portal, it should be made as easy as possible for Ukrainian refugees to be approached by German companies and thus achieve a win-win situation for both sides.

“In our portal, Ukrainians who are looking for a job in technical fields can create a profile. Companies looking for skilled workers can view these profiles. If there is interest in making contact or getting to know each other regarding a possible cooperation, the companies can contact the profile holders,” Florian Schildein, Managing Director of Butter and Salt GmbH, explains the principle of Many customers of Butter and Salt GmbH are permanently looking for new skilled personnel. “In some cases, companies have been looking for programmers and similar employees for years. Familiar application processes no longer work here, because there are simply no more free skilled workers on the job market. For many managers, it no longer matters whether an employee speaks German or English. Therefore, we have to turn the search process around. That means companies have to actively approach possible candidates,” Schildein looks back on his own personnel search. is a free service for all participants that the team of Butter and Salt has built up over the last few weeks. The costs for this, as well as for the marketing, are and were completely covered by the B2B marketing specialist from Berlin. For Schildein, this is a matter of course: “As an entrepreneur, I am responsible for my company, my employees, my customers and suppliers or partners. But I also have a social responsibility. And if I can do something good with what I do every day, then it is my duty as an entrepreneur to do so within the scope of my possibilities.” The job portal went online after Easter and will now gradually fill up with candidates. The first companies are already using the platform to find suitable candidates.