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June 2019


68% of all B2B companies use landing pages strategically. (Source: Marketo)
No wonder, because a professional landing page is an excellent marketing tool to present your product efficiently.
You also want to do just one market launch or you want to push an existing product?

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May 2019


Business years since the founding of Butter and Salt

Number of the month

April 2019

The SMT – the largest trade fair in the electronics industry – is just around the corner.

The Butter and Salt team is delighted to be able to count 8 major exhibitors to their regular customer base.

Number of the month

March 2019


6 – That’s the number of opportunities to meet us personally at established trade fairs by the end of the year.

All information can be found at:

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February 2019


Number of readers reached via press releases which we wrote for our customers in 2018.

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January 2019


50 –  This is the number of business trips of Butter and Salt 2018.

No matter if Asia, America or within Europe – Butter and Salt are on the way for you!

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November 2018


One in four Internet users (24 percent) in Germany has ever bought a product or used a service because a company has advertised on Facebook. Source:

23,8 Millionen zivile Drohnen weltweit bis Ende 2018

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October 2018


According to current statistics, around 23.8 million drones will have been delivered worldwide this year by end of December.


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September 2018


Average number of press releases distributed (industry-specific) to approx. 300 press contacts worldwide per month.

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August 2018


Consumed espressos since the founding of Butter and Salt in 2014.

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