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November 2018


One in four Internet users (24 percent) in Germany has ever bought a product or used a service because a company has advertised on Facebook. Source:

23,8 Millionen zivile Drohnen weltweit bis Ende 2018

Number of the month

October 2018


According to current statistics, around 23.8 million drones will have been delivered worldwide this year by end of December.


Number of the month

September 2018


Average number of press releases distributed (industry-specific) to approx. 300 press contacts worldwide per month.

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August 2018


Consumed espressos since the founding of Butter and Salt in 2014.

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July 2018


Number of clients acquired since the founding of Butter and Salt in 2014 – with 12 clients we work together continuously and sometimes act as an outsourced marketing department.

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June 2018


Number of international press contacts from the Unmanned Aerial Systems industry.

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May 2018


For 10 years, we have been participating in SMT Hybrid Packaging as an exhibitor or visitor in various forms.

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April 2018


Business years since the founding of Butter and Salt.

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March 2018


The number of websites created in the last 3 years.

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February 2018


These are the years of experience that the Butter & Salt team has in the electronics industry.

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