ATEcare Service GmbH & Co. KG is the leading sales organization in German-speaking countries for inspection and test systems for electronics manufacturing. The company cooperates with various world market and technology leaders in this field and also offers dedicated consulting services for the implementation of these inspection applications.

The main focus of the cooperation with Butter and Salt is the continuous cultivation of the brand within the target market in order to communicate the technical innovations, new product segments and the wide range of services that ATEcare offers.

Strategy developement

In essence, the strategic support consists of implementing two central measures: on the one hand, continuing to drive forward the new CD that was being set up at the start of the collaboration, and on the other hand, keeping the market permanently informed about the new developments. Two topics are currently in the spotlight again and again: KITOV CORE, the smart AVI system for checking the final quality of devices and housings, and the inspection options in the area of quality assurance in cell and battery production.


Within customer communication, digital measures are used to a large extent. These include social media activities. Not only were posts used, but also targeted campaigns and the LinkedIn newsletter.

Market launch

Intensive marketing and communication measures were implemented in particular for the AVI product KITOV Core, the inspection options in the area of quality assurance in cell and battery production, and for materials management. In some cases, landing pages were created for individual topics, and in others, extensive digital communication was implemented.


At the start of the cooperation, a new logo already existed, including a new color scheme. This was upgraded with graphic elements reminiscent of the area of application of the inspection systems, in order to generate attention for ATECare at trade fairs and other events. These graphic elements were then also transferred to the communication media.