Butter and Salt has a broadly diversified network of different partners with whom we share many years of co-operation.

We co-operate with the following partners:

Taurus Management is your competent partner for your strategic company alignment and guides you through change processes with innovative solutions. As experts for management tasks, we are specialized in the further development of your company and support entrepreneurs in complex management challenges. You benefit from many years of consulting experience from a variety of projects.

Matthias holsten e²-consulting GmbH is a company for sales optimization and constructive change processes for electronics manufacturers and OEMs. Founded in Hamburg in early 2013, Managing Director Matthias Holsten brought more than ten years of practical experience in dealing with development and manufacturing processes in the E2MS industry. Today the four-member team deals primarily with EMS, E²MS, and OEM companies for which secure profits are generated through individual sales analysis and mobilization of new business.

Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V. is a platform and forum for defining and implementing measures that serve the advancement of mechatronics and allied professional areas. Active communication between science and industry is intended to guarantee the quality and safety of developments and contributes to promotion of the economy.

Perzeptron has been successfully advising customers from the electronics industry for over 15 years from new customer acquisition, through purchasing, to production control. The acquisition of customer orders, purchasing and materials management in connection with production planning, and production control are far more than a purely operational business. So that more time remains once again for strategy, Perzeptron supports companies with the further development of company-internal processes. The objective here is the systematic implementation of efficient work flows and the establishment of transparent knowledge and information management. Perzeptron supports customers with internal process optimization and the minimization of calculation and order throughput times up to the optimization of capital commitment and ability to deliver.