Our support in customer communication in Corona periods

Communication is what resonates with the recipient

Targeted measures for success

No client meetings, no business trips, no direct interaction with the customer – in times of Corona we suddenly have to explore new or unexplored territory in communication. To do this, we as a businesses have many options in electronic communication that must now be embraced.

Butter and Salt helps you to convey information and news to the target group, at times when communication is difficult.

renaissance of the newsletter

Many companies have reduced their newsletter distribution in the past. But now exactly these tools have to be revived, as they are urgently needed to offer information on products, service webinars or online training and deliver this information directly to the customer.

To get your newsletter up and running again, we will support you with …

… the creation of newsletter templates,
… the development of newsletter topics,
… the creation and translation of content,
… the composition of the newsletter,
… the mailing and the following analysis.

Active, inspiring social media communication

In times of growing use of social media channels for B2B products, content is all the more important. Only interesting content with added user value will catch the eye and encourage these users to visit you online more often. To achieve this, we will support you with …

… the development of social media channels,
… the development of social media topics,
… of creation and translations,
… of publication,
… the analysis of social media activities.

Content creation for press work and media channels

Content is everything, or in other words: Do good and talk about it. Because this is the only way target groups will know why to contact you. To do this, the information and content you want to convey must be interesting and must have an added value that is short, to the point and attractively packaged. To present your content online and offline in your various channels, we support you with …

… the creation of press releases and interviews,
… text creation for newsletters and social media posts,
… of conducting video interviews,
… of publication,
… the creation of moving, animated content,
… the creation and animation of 3-D renderings of technical products,
… the editing of images and the creation of graphics.

Websites and landing pages

Your website will now become your most important showcase for customers and interested individuals that you can no longer actively meet. That is why websites are now even more important than in uncritical times. Topics that distinguish your company from others can be highlighted through landing pages in order to draw attention to your topics in a prominent way. To achieve this we support you with …

… the conception and the structuring,
… the conception of B2B online shops,
… the design and layout,
… the publication,
… the creation of content,
… the technical implementation,
… of maintenance and care.

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