Webdesign & Social Media

In today’s world, a company’s website is not only the showcase, but also the first impression a potential customer gets of a company.

Especially for companies that are in a competitive market, the website plays a decisive role. Often a website has only a single shot at attracting the attention of the user. Hence, we build modern, interactive online presences and online stores for our clients, where information is easy to find for visitors.

Our service includes the following:

  • Defining the needs together with the customer, including a presentation of the technical and content options
  • Compiling an SOW, requirements and specifications
  • Development of Designs, structuring, programming and content creation (text, image, video), including responsive design
  • CMS backend (WordPress, Typo3 …)
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Technical support
  • Downstream content maintenance
  • Backend training

Furthermore, we support our clients in their daily social media communication and to maintain the individual channels that have been selected with the client for their target group approach.We support our clients with the following services:

  • Advice on entry into social media communication, incl. setting up new channels
  • Content creation for posts, incl. text creation, image editing and trailer creation
  • Campaign planning, implementation and analysis
  • Complete administration of social media channels in consultation with the client, incl. content planning
  • Account management and maintenance of individuals accounts

Work examples  Webdesign & Social Media (extract)

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