Trade shows & events

A successful trade show presentation is an important marketing and communication tool and goes far beyond a mere product presentation.

It supports customer loyalty and retention as well as the acquisition of new customers, therefore one should not underestimate this platform.

We gladly support our customers in the organization of their trade show presence and can take over the following tasks:

  • Preparation of an overall budget for the trade show appearance or event
  • Concept development of technology days and internal events
  • Development of a booth concept and design according to the corporate design and the current marketing strategy
  • Taking over all registration formalities and orders at the show
  • Coordination with the customer’s booth builder or our booth building partner
  • Invitation management
  • Organization of booth parties
  • Organization of interview appointments with trade magazines at the booth
  • Organization of the general catering
  • Travel planning and hotel booking

Work examples Trade shows & events (extract)

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